The most important brands in the professional cleaning industry exhibit at Cleaning Show 2022

Cleaning Show is a true industries barometer, which provides an uplifting picture of the market, trends, and developments, as well as one competition’s monitoring.

The 8th edition of the trade fair comes with an interactive concept, perfect for your business: high-quality networking, large media exposure, personalized events, inspiration, and innovative solutions for business development.

In front of a professionals audience of cleaning and sanitation, at Cleaning Show 2022 you will find the opportunity you need to present the critical role that your company has played in this pandemic, but also the innovations that will keep safe businesses, health, and education units, shopping centers, HoReCa etc.

Why you should exhibit at Cleaning Show

  • You access the most effective marketing tool

Cleaning Show is a true barometer of the industry, which offers an uplifting picture of the market, trends, and developments, as well as monitoring of competition.
The 8th edition of the exhibition comes with an interactive concept that gives your business the brilliance it needs: high-quality networking, large media exposure, personalized events, inspiration, and innovative solutions.

  • Here is the public you need

At Cleaning Show 2022, you have the unique opportunity to showcase your products and services in front of a directly interested audience consisting of Facility Management ompanies, companies providing professional cleaning services, car and textile wash companies, top managers from industries such as: HoReCa, industrial production, retail/FMCG, shopping malls, rezidential, real-estate, medical (private and state hospitals), education (kindergardens, schools, highschools, universities, state institutions), automotive, banking/ inssurance, telecommunications, printing, etc.

  • Benefit from media exposure and creative promotion campaigns

Cleaning Show is organized by a team of professionals with extensive experience. That is why the communication campaign is a creative one and carefully designed for different types of audience. The promotion campaign includes:

  • 360-degree communication (written & online media)
  • website and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube)
  • outdoor (TV Screens);
  • PR campaign (special projects);
  • newsletters;
  • external promotion campaigns (on specialized portals).
  • Brand awareness = increased sales

Participating as an exhibitor in Cleaning Show, the only B2B exhibition in Romania for the professional cleaning industry will increase the notoriety of your brand on the local market (along with media exposure on all communication channels) and will expand the client portfolio. In addition, you will have the opportunity to monitor competition and conduct market research.

Cleaning Show Thematic

Professional cleaning equipment – cleaning machines (washing, vacuuming, polishing) for wet / dry

Manual cleaning tools – brooms, brushes, mop sites, towels, sponges, pads

Degreasing and dry-cleaning equipment

Air and water purification equipment

Cleaning equipment for outdoor

High-pressure vacuum

Disinfectants for ventilation devices

Cleaning equipment for ventilation

Industrial vacuum equipment


Paper products

Dispensing equipment

Accessories and sanitary products


Liquid soap and hand creams

Detergents and other cleaning chemicals

Professional cleaning service providers

Industrial cleaning service providers

Domestic cleaning service providers

Garbage collection equipment

Services and grooming equipment parks and public gardens

Sanitation services and equipment

Sewer cleaning and emptying services


Collection, transport, and waste disposal services

Waste recovery services




Chemical cleaning equipment and machines

Washing and drying equipment and machines

Ironing equipment

Industrial laundry equipment

Steam generators

Machines for textile industries colored fibers treatment

Professional cleaner and stain removal substances

Chemical agents for laundies and dry cleaners

Washing and chemical cleaning accesories

Equipment and detergents for car wash



Don’t miss the event of the year for the professional cleaning industry.

Contact the Project Manager and request a participation offer:

Alina Răcășanu 



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How the scam works: the company sends an order form (by email or even by mail), a form that seems to come from fairs that companies usually participate in. Sometimes, the email is preceded by a phone call requesting the verification of data, to be listed in the online catalog.
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